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Carolina Vineyards Winery

Purchasing Wine

Our Shopping cart in located at www.shop.carolinavineyards.com.


There you will be able to purchase and have shipped any of our available wines.  Sometimes we do run out of bottled wine and may need to call you for a removal or replacement of an item purchased.  Also your credit card is not charged on the website, we do all of the charges from our tasting room so if there is a necessary change we can make it before you are charged.



fullcase   10% off

halfcase    5% off


Upon checkout  you will be asked for a discount or coupon code.  These codes are simple, type fullcase or halfcase in the box.  The fullcase code will allow you a 10% discount on a case purchase of 12 bottles or more.  The halfcase will allow you a 5% discount on a purchase of 6 to 11 bottles. 




This is usually called handling.  Shipping rules dictate that we ship glass with liquid in an approved container.  This container is a separate charge on your order.  PLEASE select the container that will hold your wine order.  If you forget we will need to add the container to your order before processing.





Of course we are shipping alcohol so the US mandated legal age is 21.  No matter how old the person ordering is the person receiving the wine MUST BE 21 OR OLDER.  This is also about $3.50 to your shipping charges.  If at all possible have the wine shipped to a place of business or another address if no on 21 or older will be able to receive it.  You will need to go to the UPS office to receive it otherwise.